Catching Yourself a Big One: 3 Features You Should Look for in a Boat Used Primarily for Fishing

Australia is one of the best places that you can go for fishing. The entire country is surrounded by the sea, and there are many different types of fishes that are native to the region and area. For example, if you're looking to add a great catch to your list of accomplishments, you should most definitely consider trying for an Australian herring, which can be commonly found in the inshore waters of southern Australia. Regardless of what you're trying to catch, having the right equipment can be the difference between a successful day and a bad one. Here are 3 features you should look for in a boat.

A Built-In Sonar or Fish Finder

Gone are the days where you might cast a line and sit idly by hoping to get a bite. With today's technology, you can easily find out where the fish are with a built-in sonar or fish finder. While you can also purchase these devices separately, built-in models tend to be more reliable and easy to use.

There are plenty of different types of fish finders out there, so make a choice based on the type of fishing that you are interested in doing. For example, fish finders capable of higher frequencies, like 192 and 200 kHz, tend to work best in shallow waters whereas low 50 kHz transducers are known to be best for deep water fishing.

Built-In Drink Holders or Even Fishing Rod Holders

Depending on your luck, you can expect yourself to be sitting there for some time. Even with good company, you'll need some snacks and beverages to help you get by. With that said, you'll find yourself having a much more enjoyable time if you own a boat with built-in drink holders. These holders will make sure that the beverages stay in place and are less likely to fall over and create a mess.

If you can, look for boats that even come with fishing rod holders. It'll make your time a lot more enjoyable, as it'll free up your hands. You'll be able to participate in other activities while waiting for that bite.

Purpose-Built Fishing Boats

With all of the different ocean terrains available for fishing, make sure that your investment will last and will be able to handle anything that comes its way. In particular, make sure that you choose a boat that is a purpose-built fishing boat. This means that the boat is designed to handle rough waters and both salt water and freshwater.


Not all boats are built the same. If you already know that you're buying the boat because you want to indulge in more fishing, look for features that will make the fishing expeditions and experiences more enjoyable. The right fishing boat will open up opportunities and allow you to participate in more expeditions to add more trophies to your list of accomplishments.