Three great reasons why a Ford is the ideal car for your family

Choosing the right car for your family can be a difficult task, particularly with so many options available in the Australian new and used car market. If you're looking to purchase a family car, check out these three great reasons why your family should consider driving a Ford.

Affordable to purchase and maintain

If you're looking to keep the costs of buying, owning and maintaining your family car down, there are a range of affordable new and used Ford vehicles. Competitively priced to purchase, you can find a Ford model to suit the needs of your family without breaking the budget, particularly if you're looking for a small car. The latest model Ford Focus RS, for example, is a roomy compact car being sold in Australia for up to $10,000 less than it is in Europe and the UK. The popularity of Fords in Australia also means that spare parts are affordable and readily available.

Committed to safety

Ford has earned their reputation as a car manufacturer producing reliable, safe vehicles that are well-suited for families driving on Australian roads. In fact, the majority of Ford's latest model cars have 5 star safety rating, meaning that they have met high crash testing standards and are equipped with advanced safety assist technologies. To see for yourself, check out the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) safety ratings for all Fords in Australia since 1993. Ford's commitment to road safety has led to achieving Drive's safety innovation award in 2015 for it's collaborative Teen Safe Driving Program 'Driving Skills for Life'. This free-of-charge initiative focuses specifically on recently-licensed young drivers, which are statistically at the greatest risk of road accidents.

Prize-winning performance

Whether you're looking for a 4WD or UTE for your growing family, a roomy family sedan or a surprisingly spacious hatchback, Ford has a car to suit your needs and tastes. For those wanting a 4WD, the Ford Everest Trend won both the Best 4WD and Drive Car of the Year in 2015. UTE lovers will also be pleased with the Ford Ranger XLT's results as the 2015 Best Ute. If you're looking for a smaller car for your family, the Ford Focus Trend and Ford Mondeo Trend took the 2015 Best Small Car and Best Family Car titles respectively.

For expert advice when selecting the right Ford to meet your family's unique needs, visit a local Ford dealership, such as Rebel Ford, today for professional assistance.