Buying a Van for Your Boutique Hotel or Bed and Breakfast? Five Features to Consider

Thinking about buying a van or small bus for your bed and breakfast or hotel? Well, adding a van is a great way to offer pick up or drop off service to the airport as well as special tours of your area. However, you should choose your van carefully. Whether you are buying a new commercial vehicle or a used one, here are some features to consider:

1. Twelve Seats or Less

If you have a relatively small establishment, you may want to consider the licensing requirements of the various commercial vehicles you are considering buying. Although the laws vary from area to area, in most areas, including Victoria, you don't need a special license to drive a 12-passenger van. However, if you buy a new or used commercial vehicle that holds more people than that, you may need to obtain a special license.

As a result, unless you truly need the space for more than a dozen passengers, you may want to opt for the easy route from a licensing perspective and choose a smaller vehicle.

2. Handicapped Accessible

If you truly want to make all of the amenities at your bed and breakfast accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability, you should look for a van that is handicapped accessible. In particular, you may want a van that has a lift or a ramp to allow wheelchairs to get into it.

3. Large Cargo Areas

Picking up multiple people at the airport means you may also have to transport a lot of bags. To make that possible, look for a van with a lot of cargo space. This could be space behind the back seat or even a cargo hold beneath the floor of the van that you access from an exterior door.

4. Bicycle Racks

In some cases, in addition to room to store luggage, you may also want a spot to store bicycles. This is a great idea if you want to facilitate bicycling tours of nearby natural areas or mountain biking into nearby forests. As a result, you want a commercial vehicle that can hold racks on the back or the roof to hold bicycles. Similarly, you may also want to consider racks for kayaks, surfboards or whatever other types of activities you offer your guests.

5. Wi-fi Enabled

Finally, consider buying a commercial vehicle that is wi-fi enabled. That way, you can let guests tap into entertainment as you drive them to the airport or to sightseeing areas around your boutique hotel or b and b. This is also great if you have a lot of families staying with you, as the wi-fi enables kids to play video games or watch movies as their parents enjoy the scenery.